Scot studied classical and flamenco guitar under the acclaimed guitarists Adam Schydlower of Gitano and the Desert Prophets and Stephan Schyga of Tel Arc Records’ celebrated “Jazzmenco” act La Vienta.

At seventeen, Scot joined the flamenco dance troupe “Danzas Espanolas,” providing flamenco guitar accompaniment for Spanish Dancers in Mexico and the southern U.S. In 1995, Scot joined the GIT graduate and music veteran Arturo Garibay to form the world beat duo Taber & Garibay. A blend of jazz, flamenco, rock, and new age, Taber & Garibay released their debut CD “Andromeda” in 1998 as they toured extensively from San Francisco to Mexico.

Relocating to San Diego in 2000, Scot released the solo albums Liminal, Gone (2002), and Big Perfect (2005). In 2006 he formed the instrumental group Paper Moon with Nashville guitarist Daniel Dever (later joined by guitarist Joe Amato) to explore wide-ranging musical interests like gypsy jazz, Brazilian rhythms, flamenco, classical pieces, and modern ambient grooves.

Scot has performed as a soloist and in duos and ensembles, appearing in the most distinguished theaters and venues. In 2014 he shared the stage with Italian classical guitar virtuoso Flavio Cucchi to perform a suite of compositions by jazz legend Chick Corea. Scot continues to perform, compose, and record in San Diego.